Teacher, Almerinda Bento

Teacher Almerinda

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Our Forever Young

Why a Blog in English? And why “Forever Young”?

For some of us, this has been a journey that started in October 2010.

We are not experts yet, but it’s time to start writing and expressing in a more free way. A blog, a collective blog is a good way to share our opinions, ideas, poems, memories, impressions, desires… Text books, extra worksheets are important but they are already made and it’s good to produce our own texts.

Yes, we are here because “we never say never”. We do not agree with that Portuguese saying “burro velho não aprende línguas”. We are still young and ready to remember distant learning and ready to learn new things. It’s so good for our brain because it forces it to work! And when we go abroad it’s good to see that we can communicate in a different language.

Learning is an important goal in our lives. We believe that “it’s so hard to get old without a cause”.

Let’s face this challenge and in the end we’ll be happy with the result.